Teaching internationally in the somatic and performing art fields since 1998, and in the academic contexts since 2004, my work is based on Body-Mind Centering® and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, and intersected by my interest in evolutionary biology, neuroscience, movement studies, body-mind psychotherapy and ecological justice*. In 2006 following my own despair in the performing arts (I could not find any reason why to be in front of an audience) and a mounting sense of ecological urgency, I begun to develop ecosomatics, an embodied inquiry of the evolutionary self. This recontextualizing was a necessary step toward my own sanity and sense of agency. The self is always a self in relationship, always a self in-motion, always a self emerging.

I teach movement - embodiment - from this perspective of relational, extended self. We always belong. From this sense of participation I can respond, tugging at the fabric of the world. This response-ability proposes that once we sense our belonging, we learn to perceive the feedback of our actions, the resonance of our beingness with our surroundings, modulating our responses accordingly. We learn about our strength and vulnerability. We learn to take care.

Movement skills are relational skills. My relationship with the various tissues of my body, with gravity, space, with various surfaces and other bodies - all which I constantly renegotiate, as with any relationship. My tendencies and habits develop into patterns of body and mind, as I keep responding to various stimuli/lack of stimuli in my surroundings. The work of repatterning can - when approached with true sensitivity and skill - offer us tools and spaces to explore and dismantle oppressive and privileged systems, a work that begins with the body.

Somatic work for me is an activist work. By restoring and supporting our internal resources, the work fosters our embodied intelligence and response-ability.



*I am a registered professional member of ISMETA and Body-Mind Centering Association. These memberships require several years of committed study with registered training programs and compliance to professional standards.






UPcoming Somatic movement therapy training

The training is projected to take place in 2019-21 in Finland. You can sign up for a newsletter to hear more about the plans, the content and the guest teachers.


Helsinki, fall 2018

Due to my research, translation work and writing, this year I am teaching less than usual. 3-weekend intensive in Neurocellular Patterns is taking place at the Theater Academy/Open University in November. The application period for the course starts on August 7.

More information and the application link can be found here: Open University.


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