Koneen Säätiö apurahat 2017

2018 - Upcoming Research on Ecosomatics and Radical Embodiment

In the heels of the grant I just received from Koneen Säätiö - Kone Foundation, I will let this blog resurface from its long hibernation, and have it become one of the canvasses for my upcoming research. As writing will be one of the main forms utilized, this blog is my drafting board - in the feeble hopes of some engagement from you who read this.

This first post after so long is one of gratitude - for students, colleagues, friends and family for their unwavering support and presence over the years. There would not have been (paid) work without some of the connections, based on mutual respect and willingness to share one's good fortunes. Thank you. You know who you are, though there will be a moment to name you more specifically and publicly. And for the students who've come to my workshops, shared their experiences and made me realize that this work is worth taking forward. It actually has made a difference in people's lives. Mine included.

And to Koneen Säätiö, Thank You for boldly supporting unconventional practices. They truly provide a life line for diversity in the arts and sciences (in Finland at least), for allowing a multiplicity of voices to blossom. I am proud to be witnessed and supported as a bold maker. This privilege comes with responsibility, and I feel the strong urge to keep following this hunch, to keep leaning toward the unknown and see what emerges.