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Berlin: Core of Expression with Sten Rudstrøm

This is a 12-hour taster of the Core-workshop. Our only one in Berlin this spring. Please book early as spaces are limited!

Friday 10. April, 17:30-20

Saturday 11. April, 10-16 (one hour for lunch)

Sunday 12. April, 10-16 (one hour for lunch)


Börnestrasse Studio,
Börnestrasse 45

M4, M12, M13 Antonplatz

Cost: 125€ if paid in full by 20. March, 2015 | 150€ thereafter

Booking: please use the contact form

Our original question that led to creating this work, was "how to teach our students the connection between the body and language". So often we had seen students leave their bodies behind when the content of the language took over. While that question still remains to be explored in this workshop, there are also others, such as: Is there neutral? What is your body telling without you noticing it? Embodiment vs. Imitation. (And what is embodiment anyways?) How small can a shift be to change everything in an improvisation? How do we work with alignment improvisationally? What about learning to align our different "intellects" - gut, heart, brain? And that pelvic floor, what does that have to do with improvisation?

Content of the workshop (subject to improvisation)

The Evolutionary Spine: fish/mammal/human spine evolution; alignment, observation process. Hands-on work with the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine, exploring the specific movement potentials of each area, discovering the habitual use of our spine; the emotional content of the body, how spinal rearrangement affects mood, practice of shifting frames.

Pelvic Floor: examining the pelvic floor as the bridge between the upper and the lower bodies, linking the musculature of the pelvis/lower mouth with the throat/vocal cord/upper mouth. Finding the core fascial connection between your feet, pelvic floor and tongue.

Gut: aligning the 3 brains: gut, heart and head. Working with the inner animal and its tail.