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Helsinki: Becoming Animal - The Polyrhythmic Body

Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Mon-Fri 10-17

Becoming Animal - The Polyrhythmic Body is a weeklong offering of movement rituals and rhythmic passages for experiencing our humanimal potential. Based on evolutionary anatomy, we will embody our structures from inside out, allowing an expansive and transformed perspective into ourselves. The special focus of this workshop will be the orchestrations of various internal rhythms; breath, heart, fluid, endocrine, embryonic, peristaltic, craniosacral and autonomic nervous system rhythms.

Through the study of embodied anatomy via hands-on, voice, movement and improvisation, we access the diverse pulses of the body, earth and evolution. The work requires a willingness and curiosity to keep stepping into chaos and confusion, to keep meeting oneself at the edge of the unknown, and finding places of intimacy, integrity and health.