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Berlin: FREE the Feet! Body-Mind Centering® class

Come with your two heels, come with ten toes,
find your 8 arches and play with your soles.
Wiggle your bones - 26 plus - called

The heel and the toes have fancy names too,
we’ll also learn movements those bones like to do,
the essential question, though,
is how pathways are used,
how motion moves through,
how not to get fused
in shoes
in socks
in crazy old clogs
But FREE THE FEET and their zest
to do what they do best...

Come hopping, skipping, bobbing, dancing, jumping, bouncing, leaping, prancing..

Come play, come jiggle - and we'll find out what makes us tickle.

at Somatische Akademie, Paul-Lincke Ufer

Drop-in 15€