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Berlin: Diversity & Balance

4 days with BMC® and IBMT at Somatische Akademie Berlin

In BMC® (Body-Mind Centering®) and IBMT (Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy) we focus on the dynamic relationship between consciousness, spirit, mind, thought, sensation and feeling. Consciousness permeates every single cell of our body, which has the ability to perceive, move, respond and transform. 

This week celebrates the ‘Diversity’ of nature, body and community and the potential of ‘Balance’ between all the elements of a system.

14 teachers from Berlin invite you to 4 days and 12 classes of BMC® and IBMT, to sample the diversity of their applications in one space, and enjoying the experience of body in diversity and balance through perception and movement.

 On Wednesday 27.2 11:30-13:30

States, Drives and Transformations with Satu Palokangas (Immersion Class)
Facilitating dynamic alignment of the musculoskeletal structure and accessing expressive forces through our endocrine system.

For more information on the whole event and how to register; please check the Somatische Akademie website