Below is a list of some of the classes/workshops I currently teach. Please use the contact form to inquire about workshops at your location - or check the calendar for upcoming events.


Core of Expression with Sten Rudstrøm

3-10 day workshop. 

Our original question that led to creating this work, was "how to teach our students the connection between the body and language". So often we had seen students leave their bodies behind when the content of the language took over. While that question still remains to be explored in this workshop, there are also others, such as: Is there neutral? What is your body telling without you noticing it? Embodiment vs. Imitation. (And what is embodiment anyways?) How small can a shift be to change everything in an improvisation? How do we work with alignment improvisationally? What about learning to align our different "intellects" - gut, heart, brain? And that pelvic floor, what does that have to do with improvisation?

This workshop has been taught since 2008 in several locations including Berlin, London, New York, Helsinki and San Francisco.

Hormonal Body

3-day workshop or a longer retreat with other holistic practices.

For women artists and performers. This workshops experientally researches the hormonal rhythms and their connection to the creative landscape of our body/mind. My recent interest is working with the adrenal balance, seeking ways out of stress, fatigue and overwork. How do we feel whole and enough? What forces throw us off balance and into exhaustion, anxiety or depression?

This workshop uses movement, bodywork, performance, writing and drawing as tools for a fuller embodiment of our endocrine system.

Anatomy & Ecology 

5-10 day workshop for performers, directors etc.

This workshop starts through experientally exploring different body systems (embryology, organs, nervous system, bones & muscles, fluids etc.) making the performer's body available to new impulses and information. The focal question is how this expanded understanding of one's physicality as an ecosystem support the performer, and present itself in the performative structures, the use of space and our relationship with others within that space. 

This workshop explores performance as an ecosystem, and performing as a practice of ecology. Perceiving through various body systems we build another perspective of our humanness.

Lines in Space - myofascia through touch and movement

3-10 days workshop - or a semester long exploration.

This workshop combines touch and movement work in embodying the liquid crystal in our bodies - the fascia. Through the study anatomy and observation we begin to notice what holding patterns may be present in ourselves and others. Lots of juicy bodywork which we bring into movement and yoga exercises.

Embodying Space - Embryology and sacred geometry

1-5 day workshop. 

This workshops explores the development of our spatial awareness through embryology and takes us into spatial and relational explorations through Laban Movement Analysis. We research geometrical concepts and movement mandalas to expand our spatial awareness and gain multi-dimensional skills for movement and expression. This workshop is designed for performers as well as therapists, pedagogues and artists. 

Core Power - Pelvic Floor

(various formats)

Come and learn the beauty and power of this often dismissed, and misunderstood, area of your body. We'll learn the anatomy, the physiology and how embodying the stucture can expand, well, everything from your voice to your sex life.

It is fun, safe, hilarious (as it should be) and deeply necessary stuff for every person out there. 

Becoming Animal - somatic improvisation

3-10 day workshop. 

We create rituals and passages to experience our humanimal potential. Based on evolutionary anatomy, we embody our structures from inside out, allowing an expansive and transformed perspective into ourselves.

This workshop is currently being expanded into a longer performative format. Stay tuned for more developments and upcoming workshops!

Bartenieff Fundamentals

3-5 day workshop.

Fundies! We'll explore the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity™ in connection with the Bartenieff Fundamentals, a set of movement exercises to clarify motor intention to find articulate expression in space. Activating core and spatial support, we repattern habitual choices and have much fun doing it.

Laban Movement Analysis - observe, interact and transform through LMA

5-20 day workshop - or semester long exploration.

Please see the page on Laban/Bartenieff for more information on the content of this work.

Embodied Anatomy & Kinesiology

5-10 day workshop or a series of weekends

The mind of the bone, muscle, organ, nervous system, endocrine system.. explored through specific anatomical study, movement, hands-on, drawing and writing.

Mind of the Bone

3-10 day workshop

This experiental workshop investigates the organ of the bone, the ways we embody our skeletal structure and how bones provide clarity and direction for our movement.

We'll explore bone through embryology, anatomy, movement and metaphor - and allow our dancing to unfold deep from the osseus tissue. We will look at alignment of the bones, and use hands-on work to get in touch with the many layers of the bony experience. Bones offer us more grounding, connect us with our ancestry and provide us with deep internal support.

This workshop is for dancers, movement educators, therapists and anyone interested in the intersection of anatomy, psychology and movement.

The workshop is divided into three sections, each at least a full one day workshop.

Axial Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton - Lower Limbs

Appendicular Skeleton - Upper Limbs

Ecosomatics - approaches to change

3-10 day workshop or lecture-format. 

Understanding ecological concepts through movement and dance. How do permaculture principles play out in movement? How do we embody change? How do we lead others in these explorations, motivating and supporting social/cultural transformation.

More on this work can be found on my Ecosomatics page.

Developmental Movement - building blocks for expression

3-5 day - or semester long exploration.

This workshop provides an experiential framework for movement learning. Principles of movement development will be explored through Laban/Bartenieff and Body-Mind Centering (BMC). Each system incorporates neuro-developmental movement patterns, reflexes, and righting reactions - the building blocks of motor co-ordination and expressive movement. You will gain the basic skill set that allows you to see and address what works in your own movement and what facilitates teaching movement to others.

Somatic Movement Therapy  

3-10 day workshop

This workshop is for everyone interested in using movement and bodywork therapeutically. We will address basic developmental movement patterns, hands-on work and tracking/witnessing, and also addressing the ways we create safety, for our client as well as for ourselves as the practitioner.

For more on SMT please refer to this page.

Somatic Methods for Dance & Movement Therapists (Somaattinen Työskentely Tanssi- ja Liiketerapeuteille)

This workshop is currently being developed into a longer training format, the first of which will take place in Jyväskylä, Finland in 2015-16. This training provides the student with specific observation, movement and hands-on skills applicable to therapeutic work. Studied methods include Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, Kestenberg Movement Profiling, Body-Mind Centering and Body-Mind Psychotherapy. The training includes reading and written homework.