Somatic Movement Therapy is first and foremost an educational model to provide the client with more choices in their daily lives. During any given session, the client actively participates in the process through sensing, feeling, moving and speaking. Through our work together, we seek to repattern habitual responses and find more efficient pathways for movement and expression.

Some of the issues I have worked with my past clients include: movement repatterning, physical injuries, fears and traumas, eating disorders, prenatal and postpartum issues, including pregnancy loss, and navigating life transitions. I also support and guide therapists in their work and profession, providing regular Skype sessions when necessary. If you are unsure whether SMT is for you, please contact me for a dialogue over email or phone to talk through your questions.

I am a Certified Practitioner in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, Body-Mind Centering® and Dynamic Embodiment - Somatic Movement Therapy and have studied various body-mind disciplines and meditation since 1991. I am an ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Therapist, and have been working privately with clients since 2001.

What you can expect from your Somatic Movement Therapy session: 

  • Increased health and wellness

  • Improved performance

  • Expanded creative expression

  • Integrated learning and transformation

A length of a session is usually 90 minutes for the initial meeting, and 60 minutes thereafter. The fee for one hour session is 80€. Concessions available upon request and need. If the client seeks more ongoing support, I also offer interim check-ins via Skype.

You can see the availability for one-on-one SMT or bodywork sessions in here

“Satu has been an inspiring force in my life as a yoga teacher, body worker and movement therapist. Her insights and knowledge of the body-mind-spirit connection have enabled me to move deeper into an awareness of my body than ever before. What she has taught me has helped me deepen my practice as an acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist and polarity therapist.

My inner life has been deeply nourished by her influences. She has a great deal to offer to the world through her work and her personal integrity. In all my years of teaching bodywork and receiving it, I have not been touched in as deeply a therapeutic way as I was with Satu.

Taking advantage of her work can benefit you in so many areas of your life.”

— Somatic Movement Therapy client