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The BodyBuilding Project

Throughout the 2015 summer, Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna will be inhabited by The BodyBuilding Project, a perennial collaboration consisting of ongoing artistic research processes and a series of public events. The BodyBuilding Project is formed by both human and nonhuman participants: artists, theorists, microbiota and weather. It aims to develop ways of sensing and relating to phenomena that are beyond our perceptual capacities or too vast to be experienced and understood.

The exhibition space will be used to rethink subjectivities and practice new ways of co-existing within the precarious parameters of the early 21st century. In dialogue with the space and the artworks displayed, the members of The BodyBuilding Project aim to establish a continuous collective practice that visitors can join. Their aim is to figure out what kind of sensibilities, subjectivities and relational capacities we, as beings and as a species, would need to develop in order to respond to the uncertainties and ecological urgencies we are currently facing. Together, they hope to develop a series of relational practices to help us to begin building bodies capable of projecting life beyond our collapsing horizons.