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Helsinki: Cultivating Biophilic Consciousness

Art, Nature, Ecology - lecture series

27.2.-13.4.2018, Tue + Fri from 9 to 12 am

classroom VA-543 Luostarinen, Academy of Fine Arts (Elimäenkatu 25 A, Helsinki, 5th floor)

Several historical trajectories lay ground for an in depth examination of various dimensions of different contemporary artistic practices that have been strongly influenced by ecological thought while looking at different dimensions of the issues at hand such as earth resources, deep time, the human body and relations to the nonhuman.

Course plan (changes and additions still possible)

27.2. Yrjö Haila, prof. emeritus, University of Tampere: Ecological movements, the concept of Nature I

2.3. Yrjö Haila, prof. emeritus, University of Tampere: Ecological movements, the concept of Nature II

6.3. Tere Vadén, philosopher, University of Tampere and Antti Salminen, philosopher and poet, University of Tampere: Ages of Oil: On the Fossil Subject and Monstrosity of the Sun

9.3. Climate Change and Activism (film screening for example Naomi Klein “This Changes Everything” or John Webster “Little yellow Boots”)    

13.3. Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Researcher of Art History, University of Melbourne: New Materialism – an Introduction

16.3. Koen Vanmechelen, conceptual artist, Belgium: It’s About Time

20.3. Satu Palokangas, performance artist movement therapist, Helsinki: Cultivating Biophilic Consciousness Jaana Kokko, artist, Helsinki: Ecofeminism and Capitalist Nature

23.3. Antye Greie aka AGF musician, composer and new media artist, Hailuoto:title to be confirmed later

27.3. Tuija Kokkonen, artist and reasearcher, Helsinki:  Performance, Ecology and Relationships: Histories from the anthropocentric performance to the interspecies performance Saara Hannula, performance-maker, researcher, curator and educator, Helsinki:title to be confirmed later

6.4. Hanna Johansson, prof. Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and Taru Elfving, researcher, curator and Head of Programme at Frame, Helsinki : Ecological influences on contemporary art since the 1960s  

10.4. Antti Majava, visual artist and researcher, Helsinki / Hyrynsalmi and Paavo Järvensivu, independent researcher of economic culture, Helsinki: Mustarinda and Bios

13.4. Ulrika Ferm, prof., Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki: Fascination with Weather and Elements

Kati Roover, Visual artist, Helsinki: title to be confirmed later

Henna Laininen, visual artist and writer, Helsinki: title to be confirmed later