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BERLIN: you are here - improvisation as an embodiment practice

“I teach improvisation as an orienting and re-tuning practice, which is ultimately about providing you with more choice. With our well-trodden habits, be they emotional, relational or physical, we tend to regurgitate what we already know or believe to be true. Improvisation as an embodiment practice seeks to stretch that fabric of habit, so that another choice may become possible. This is what begins to make us more whole.

I am interested in cultivating micro-movements of positive resonance and adaptive resiliency through exercises involving touch, movement, sound and language.

When confronted by the unknown, I am curious about how we switch away from defensive behaviors that increase our experience of safety and learn to recruit more advanced neural circuits for social engagement.”

We work by examining various somatic concepts and mapping the landscapes of our body experience. With these maps we navigate through improvisational forms, learning to align our inner and outer worlds. This work brings you to your senses, saturating you with new choices for your life on and off stage.

This workshop is designed for performers, educators, artists, therapists and those interested in working transformationally with others.

Satu Palokangas MA, CLMA, DE-SMT, CMT, RSMT/E is a performer and somatic movement & body work practitioner, and has taught dance and improvisation internationally since 1998. Currently she co-directs the Moving On Center's Somatic Education and Process Arts Training in Berlin and along with her performance work, holds a private practice in somatic movement therapy & counselling.

Börnestrasse Studios, Börnestrasse 45, Berlin-Weissensee

Saturday & Sunday 10-16

110/90€* if paid before 31.10

Later Event: November 27
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