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Koneen Säätiö: residenssi/artistic residency

(in Finnish)

The working title I've given the residency period is "Organ Songs - Bone Meditations".

During this delightful two months without the usual pressures of a freelance-life, I wish to explore and develop body-based practices, that tune me toward performative and social action. I'm especially called to explore the quieter tissues, specifically the bone and the organs, to counteract the noise from the muscles - the one tissue, along with brain, that our culture glorifies above all. My work is guided by the curiosity of how inner sensory perceptions steer the outer perceptions, and my actions in the world. I am curious about counter-actions and following the organic pulse, in order to create a pauses, gaps, in our habitual ways of sensing and acting in the world. Some of my initial questions upon entering this period of work are following: How can I know in my tissues that it is interwoven with the flesh of the world? In what ways does radical embodiment, the theme that continues to show up in my work, take shape? How does performance ecology converge with somatic methods, and what kind of practices emerge out of this intersection? I am pulled to pause in my usual ways of noticing, sensing and receiving information - and be with what wants to manifest. My task is to remain curious.

Please visit my blog to read about my working process.