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Helsinki: Resilience - Explorations into the Immune System

Helsinki, Theatre Academy

MA Ecology & Contemporary Performance Program

Mon-Fri 10-17

This workshop has its beginnings in countless discussions around the health of us as activists (however we define that) and our continued ability to keep replenishing our energy and motivation in the work we do. I’ve chosen to look at resilience – the ability of a system to rebound from disturbance - through the lense of body’s immune system, an innately intelligent system of discernment of what is harmful or harmless for the continuity of our cellular self. Immune system (IS) develops in communication with non-self, allowing for both fast decisions and mistakes, while trusting that balance can be refound. Connecting with the IS we are supporting our authentic knowing at the cellular level.

During this week we embody various aspects of this system, mainly through anatomical and physiological explorations. We apply these experiences into further study around social immunity, perception of death, psychoneuroimmunology and the effects of stress on personal, social and ecological spheres.

This work takes place through the body and the group process. We move, touch, discuss and rest. We embody our own cellular experience of this system, and seek ways to support recuperation, resilience and curiosity in ourselves and eachother.